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Experience what it’s like to be a pilot in our fully immersive RedBird flight simulator.  With immersive visualisation and accurate motion feedback on pitch, yaw and roll movement, our students have a realistic understanding of what it’s like to be in the cockpit. You will practice manoeuvres and experience emergency procedures before you leave the ground to ensure you are a more proficient and safer pilot. When the time does come to leave the ground, you will have improved confidence, a better familiarity with the flight controls and be more comfortable in future flights.

Learn To Fly In Our Flight Simulator

Excellence in Flight Training

Amber International Aviation Academy is committed to delivering the highest quality pilot licence flight training while providing a fun and safe atmosphere. We pride ourselves in producing some of the safest, most competent pilots and flight instructors in the industry who are now enjoying successful and rewarding careers in aviation.


With qualifications nationally accredited and internationally recognised, Amber stands out from other flight schools in Melbourne offering an individualised training experience focusing on personal learning outcomes.


Whether you want to learn to fly as a commercial pilot, receive a Diploma in Aviation or require advanced flight training such as a Twin Engine Rating or an Instrument Rating, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Learn To Fly In Our Flight Simulator

30 Minute Flight Simulator Experience

Complete a circuit around the city with some serious flying in our Full Motion Flight Simulator with a 30 minute lesson with our Flight Instructors

Learn To Fly In Our Flight Simulator

60 minute Flight Simulator Experience

Extend your sortie with a 60 minute lesson in our Full Motion Flight Simulator and perfect your manouverves and flying techniques

Trial Introductory Flight

Trial Introductory Flight

Ready for your very first flight?  Our Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) is an ideal way to discover the joy of flight, learn more about aviation, and what it will take to become a pilot.

Learn to Fly


Our professional flight training environment will foster your growth and develop your aviation skills and experience so you feel confident as you work to achieve your pilot licence.


Learn To Fly Our Cessna 172 Aircraft


Learn to fly on our exceptionally well-proven and reliable training aircraft. With our flight training aircraft such as the Cessna 150 and 172 and over 35 years of experience in flight training excellence, our flight lessons are designed to help you reach your aviation goals.